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Godzilla,Mothra,MechaGodzilla News
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Title: Godzilla X Mothra X MechaGodzilla: Tokyo S.O.S
Music: Michiru Oshima (GXM and GXMG)
Producer: Shogo Tomiyama
Monsters: Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Mothra, and 2 Larval mothra's
Miho Yoshioka
Katsuya Onizuka
Noboru Kaneko

Now, I can tell from my poll in GSS that a few fans are enthusiastic about this, but a majority seem to be a little upset by Mothra current role in the Godzilla series. As for myself... I'm unsure what to think. The film might turn out to be good one... but I dont  think Mothra is going to make this movie a winner.
I've come up with two ways I think Mothra would make this movie work:
1: Scrap her role all together
2: She's evil. Just plain out evil.
It has been reported that GMMG is the second in a proposed 3 movie series, featuring Godzilla and MechaGodzilla. The 3rd will mark Godzilla'a 50th anniversary, and hopefully will have something special in store for us G-Fans.

Well, from my pal Hybrid, a new report has come of the other monsters in the new film. And they are:
2 Larval Mothra's. That's all for now.

 Well... Hybrid has through again. He brings us more updates on GMMG: "The hero of the film is the engineer of MG, and the Mothra Shobjin appear, also, apparently Mothra tries to warn Japan about MG going berserk, and G is drawn to Japan by Mothra."-HybridGojira
So there ya have it.

Toho has updated their site finally, to fit with the upcoming movie: GxMxMG: Tokyo SOS

"More information says that film is indeed a direct sequel to last year's Godzilla X Mechagodzilla which used Mothra footage in a flashback--leads me to wonder, is Gaira down the road since it was flashbacked as well. The new film is said to pick up and explain more of the reasoning behind using Godzilla's DNA to design Mechagodzilla and there could be a clone connection after all. Its being bandied about that GXMG and GMM are part of a trilogy and that next year's 50th anniversary film will be the conclusion--Godzilla X Godzilla perhaps?. MZ will try and provide more accrurate information when available. The new film will open in Japan in December." -MZNews

Miho Yoshioka and Godzilla